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The valet parking system and shuttle systems are the first glimpse of any facility. The quality of these systems can often affect the image of the establishment. We realize that APC personnel are responsible for "creating the perfect first & last impression". The valet parking and/or shuttle operations must always run smoothly and efficiently.

APC's concept of valet parking and shuttle services consists of staffing with professional impeccably groomed, and neatly attired valet attendants and shuttle service drivers. To facilitate employee identification and recognition, uniforms include a name tag.

Our well trained valet attendants help maximize parking capacity, efficiently direct traffic flow and professionally valet vehicles in an assigned area. As standard procedure Valet Attendants will open all vehicle doors with a smile and a warm greeting. If raining, we will walk your guests to the door under large APC golf umbrellas.

Similarly, our well trained shuttle drivers efficiently, and professionally shuttle their passengers. The driver further assists in the opening and closing vehicle doors and helps with packages when appropriate.

The helpful, knowledgeable attitude of our staff directly relates to the efficiency of the systems.

Daily involvement of APC's staff of highly qualified field and internal management ensures that the caliber of the valet parking and shuttle systems remain consistently high.

Parking Consultants

Parking is a major concern in virtually every major commercial construction project. Advanced Parking Concepts, LLC serves as parking consultants specializing in parking management systems including traffic flow logistics, space and parking management logistics for private and corporate complexes. We typically work with Developers and their Architects, as well as, Property Managers.

We review a site's feasibility and recommend design and layout enhancements which:

  • maximize site utilization
  • reduce construction costs
  • improve traffic flow and traffic logistics,
  • reduce future maintenance costs, and
  • improve safety



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